Activities and trips we can arrange from Khamlia


For the able bodied, guided walks through the dunes and into the desert can be organised. Guests can experience the desert environment in its entirety. Binoculars will be available. The dunes can be difficult to climb and sand can be trying to walk in so a reasonable level of fitness is required to enjoy and get the most of this walk.

Explore the village and learn about how we live day to day, walk through the dried up river bed and the village ‘fields’ and back by the local restaurant for a glass of reviving Moroccan tea – also know as Berber Whiskey!

The terrain is reasonably solid under foot and can be enjoyed by everyone. Visit one of the many traditional oven ‘huts’ around the village and you may be lucky enough to see the bread being baked and get a taste hot off the fire.

Walk or cycle for half an hour followed by another half hour walk into the desert between the dunes on one side and the stony ‘Black Mountain’ on the other.

Visit one of the local Gnaoua music venues and learn about Gnaoua and enjoy their world famous music.

Travel into the desert and explore your surroundings and the natural wonders of the desert while traditional Berber pizza is being prepared and cooked under the ground in the hot sand. If you fancy walking we can bring our donkey to help carry water, bags, wood and all the ingredients for our pizza. A truly wonderful experience.

  • If it’s mountains you like climbing we also have some of them nearby but we would have to travel by car/4x4. Tours of the local mineral mines (mica) are also available.

Local desert wildlife. As you explore the dune landscape you will spot an amazing array of delicate footprints in the sand. The desert fox is rarely seen in body but you might be lucky enough to see his prints as well as beetles, lizards, (also know as ‘sand-fish’) geckos, birds, hedgehogs, camels and desert mice.

Dune Drive, pretty scary and exhilarating, not for the faint hearted! 4x4 drives through the dunes with a stop for lunch at a local nomad tent.

  • Or take a day trip to the Souks in bustling Rissani.

Camel treks, sunrise/sunset or overnight stays are all available.

  • Bicycle trips and packed lunches are also available (with or without a guide)

Camp fires underneath the desert sky. Overnight underneath the stars.

Listen and feel the beat of the drums in your blood and feel the warmth of the desert sand between your toes.

The duration of these walks/trips will be tailored to the wishes/budget of our guests. This experience can also be organised by camel, quad or 4x4! Food can be arranged too. Water, packed lunches, light lunches to full dinners can be prepared and included to ensure you enjoy the desert experience as much as possible.