We cherish our reputation for hospitality. The guests who come to our home add to our lives as we hope to provide them with one of the most memorable holidays of their lifetime.

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Our Reviews

What people have said about their stay in Khamlia.

Beautiful time with beautiful people in the Sahara. . . . We miss you Khamlia and love you and gnaoua boys (and girls) xx Najet Charnley

Cairns, Queensland, Australia, on Facebook

We’ve had some wonderful days traveling around Morocco. Part of this trip in company of Abdoul Karaoi y Suzanne, in Khamlia. Sharing 24 hours a day with you guys and the people from Khamlia, your way of living, your food, culture, music . . . is always an amazing experience. Thanks for letting us be part of all that during those days. There isn’t a better way of enjoying the desert and all around it than living with you! It is difficult to put into words what one feels when leaving Khamlia. But for sure one thing that we feel like is planning our next trip there to see you all as soon as possible.

Tania Garcia Pacheco

Madrid, Spain, on Facebook

This place is amazing. I have never been in a place like that. Not only because of the desert or the place, that is incredible, but because of the people who is there. I can’t describe how I have felt there. We were there almost one week and I enjoyed it as never. Thanks to everybody who took care of us, thanks to Ahmed, who was almost like our father, thanks to Fatima and Hadid and everybody who was there. I will come back for sure, it was like being at home. I really recomend it, you will feel incredible there. There is not enough thanks to thank this days there.



Madrid, Spain, on TripAdvisor

Ksar Khamlia is a lovely little guesthouse in the quiet village of Khamlia. The family room is a good size and warm and comfortable. There is also a pleasant rooftop terrace with views of the village and dunes.

However, the main reason for coming here is the people. Suzanne and Abdoul immediately made us feel at home and part of the family. They showed us around and told us about life in Khamlia and made our stay really special.

Breakfast and dinner were delicious and we didn’t need lunch as portions were so generous. Abdoul and his friends entertained us with drumming in the evening. A special mention also for Ahmed who also helps in the guesthouse always with a warm, friendly smile.

For peace and relaxation and a family atmosphere in the desert I would definitely recommend staying at Ksar Khamlia.

Rod Fricker

Opole, Poland, on TripAdvisor

Wow what a place. Stunning. Everything about it was perfect, the bedroom, the bed, the shower, the common areas, the terrace, the stars at night, the village, the gnaoua music, the villagers… and especially Abdoul the owner. He could not have been more helpful or friendly. He lived in Edinburgh for a few years so he has excellent English. The dinner was Moroccan lamb tagine and it was by far the nicest I had in all Morocco and the kitchen was spotless. I rented one of the B&B’s bikes and cycled to Taous about 20km away. Abdoul made a packed lunch for me and gave me lots of information about the journey and offered that I visit his sister for tea when I got there. He also gave me a local mobile phone for the journey so I could get in touch in case I got a puncture or anything. Incredible hospitality and very reasonable price. I wish I had been able to stay longer. I could have stayed a week here no problem. Though I didn’t have time to use them, there was a large collection of books, games and jigsaws in the sitting room available for visitors. There was lots of toys for children too. Would definitely recommend this little place. Hopefully some day I will be able to go back. Thank you Abdoul. Oleg

Dublin, Ireland, on AirBnB

One of the most fabulous holidays I have been on to date. We were drawn to this beautiful home by the fabulous and intriguing description of the hosts and the area. The ‘Grand’ Desert Hotel as we called it, is a delightful place to stay, as a designer I was inspired by the way it has been built and decorated, as well as the breathtaking landscape that surrounds it. People in Khamlia are warm-hearted and generous, Ahmed spent the entire time with us, making sure that we experienced everything Khamlia had to offer, and ending the night under the stars drinking tea and sharing our life stories. We left feeling very refreshed and with a new perspective about Morocco. The food was absolutely superb! Scarlet

San Roque, Spain, on AirBnB