How to get to Khamlia


Getting to Morocco

From Ireland

Ryanair have flights into these airports in Morocco:  Agadir; Essaouira; Fez; Marrakesh; Nador; Oujda; Rabat; Tangier from the following countries


From Austria; Belgium; Bulgaria; Croatia; Cyprus; Czech Republic; Denmark; Estonia; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Hungary; Ireland; Italy; Latvia; Lithuania; Malta; Montenegro; Netherlands; Norway; Poland; Portugal; Romania; Slovakia; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; United Kingdom &


From Glasgow, Scotland.

Easyjet flys into these airports in Morocco:  Agadir; Essaouira; Marrakesh from various European cities.


Some of the other airlines which travel to Morocco are:

N.B. I find it useful to bring up the ‘airports live arrivals’ website of a country I want to visit to find out exactly what airlines fly into that country/city and get an idea of times.

Getting to Khamlia

Once you arrive in Morocco you have the usual options for transport.  We can help you arrange a car/4x4 and driver to make your trip as easy and relaxed as possible.  Cars/4x4’s can be rented and self drives.  Prices vary greatly depending on season.  High season is around New Year/ Easter and Muslim Eid Festivals the dates of which vary by approx. 11 days earlier year on year.

Alternatively you can use the public trains in the north of the county or buses for the south.  ONCF is the main train company.

We would recommend the bus company Supratours or CTM as the more reliable bus operators in Morocco.  There is direct Supratours service from Marrakesh and Fes to Merzouga (7 km from Khamlia).  This is a very good service. Expect to pay about 250 DHM (25 Euros) for a single from Marrakesh to Merzouga and it will take 12 hours.  You also have to buy a baggage ticket for each piece of luggage.  Depending on the weight, this will be between 5 or 10 Dirham.   Supratours leaves Marrakesh approx. 8am and arrives in Merzouga approx. 8pm.  The Supratours bus from Fes leaves at ??? and arrives in Merzouga approx. ??  We will pick you up from the bus in Merzouga.

Other bus companies service Errachidia (250km) and Rissani (45km). Grand taxis can be taken between towns. They have seats for 6 people and generally don’t leave until all six places have been filled.  A space costs approx. 30 DHM from Errachidia to Rissani.  Rissani to Merzouga is approx. 15 DHM.  Again we can pick you up from any of these towns if you prefer.  From Errachidia 450 DHM and Rissani 200 DHM.   One pick up and drop off to Merzouga/Khamlia is gratis, otherwise the cost is 50 DHM.   It can be hard to get a taxi after sunset, as most business is complete in the sunshine hours.  A taxi driver will travel with less that 6 people if those wishing to travel have paid for all the seats. I would recommend paying 2 spaces per individual just to get a bit of elbowroom if you can afford it!

Be careful when asking about bus stations in Morocco.  Supratours and CTM in general have their own ticket offices and bus stations and they may not be close to each other.  There will also be the bus station for the ‘local’ buses but these can be extremely busy and are not the safest places.


When driving in Morocco, stick to the speed limits.  There is a huge campaign in Morocco to improve road safety.  Most villages have a 60km speed limit with an 80km outside that limit.  100km & 120km limits on bigger roads.  There are many many police checkpoints on the road and they are only too happy to impose fines at every opportunity.

  • 300 DHM per person for not wearing your seatbelt, front seat passengers at all times/back seat passengers outside of the city.
  • 700 DHM for crossing the white line
  • 300 DHM for not having a hi-viz vest/fire extinguisher/safety triangle etc.

The driver is responsible for the papers of the car so check the papers before you drive, you need

  • Insurance for the car and it will detail how many passengers the car can take
  • ‘Carte gris’
  • Road tax
  • Carte technique
  • Driving licence


Check your government health website re medicines and vaccinations.  Advice of Health Services can differ, please consult your own GP or local authority.


Europeans don’t need visas to entry Morocco.  However a Customs card must be filled in on both entry and exit and handed to the Customs police.  You will need various information from your passport, your flight number, date, and the name and address of the place where you will be staying.  Pens are not provided to fill these in so remember to have a pen at hand.

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